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The History of the Freedom Kilts Company

The Freedom Kilts Company was started in May of 2004 and is based in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Steve Ashton is the owner and kiltmaker and his wife Bobbie Williams is the Office Manager.

Steve had always wanted to wear the kilt but could not trace his family history to any specific Clan or area in Scotland so thought it improper to wear a Tartan.

That reluctance ended when Steve saw a display of a new line of Kilts produced by the Edinbrough Company 21st Century Kilts that were making kilts in an entire range of non-Tartan fabrics.

One week while his wife was out of town Steve camped out in the spare room with some fabric, scissors, thread, and his wife's sewing machine. Using his Engineering background he developed a new style of Kilt. Now known as the Contemporary Style Kilt, Steve's creation retains all of the classic features of a traditional kilt but is made from machine washable fabrics and then has the option of adding pockets. Side pockets like those found in slacks, cargo pockets, and special function pockets. The possibilities seemed endless.

Steve wore his Kilt to work the next week and the response was so positive that he decided to try kiltmaking full time.

Freedom Kilts started in Steve and Bobbie's dinning room as a small retirement business. It has now grown to employ several full-time staff. With the internet, Freedom Kilts is able to fill orders from all over the world. A retail storefront was opened in 2005 to showcase the kilts and to carry a line of accessories specifically tailored to the new style of Kilt.

Mission Statement

The Freedom Kilts Company is dedicated to designing, manufacturing and selling the highest quality custom Contemporary Kilts we are capable of making.

We define Quality as attention to detail in everything we do.

  1. Design a kilt with the styling and features our customers want.
  2. Manufacture a kilt to retain its appearance for years of everyday use.
  3. Sell our kilts at a modest profit, keeping costs to a minimum to insure our customers the best kilt for their money.
  4. Support our product with a Personal Guarantee and level of Customer Service that is one of the best in the market.
  5. Support our customers in their choice to wear the kilt. Our Gallery highlightsts some of our customers who have allowed us to publish their photos. In this way they are showing others some of the many ways to wear and accessorize your kilt, and encourage others that todays kilts are a practical and fashionable garment for todays lifestyles.