Hose and Flashes

Kilt hose are what we call the long sock you see worn with the kilt.  We offer three different styles of hose to fit your budget.  For a more dressy look wear your hose with any shoe, pulled up to a couple finger widths below the knee cap.  For a casual look you may want to scrunch your hose down around the top of your boots.

You will also need some garters to hold your hose up and keep them from sagging and bunching around your ankles. You pull the hose up all the way, tie, or fasten the Garters around your leg and then fold the hose down over the garters.

Many people worry that the color of their hose may not match the color of their kilt.  We generally advise customers not to worry. We suggest you don’t try to match your kilt at all.  Pick a hose color that coordinates with the color of your shirt or jacket.

Garters add that “little splash of color” in your outfit.  I usually pick my garters to go with my pocket square or with my tie.

Yes, you see white hose all over the web, but white are not more ‘traditional’ or ‘correct’. Stark white are a product of the rental companies and pipe bands. We do not even carry start white hose. We do however carry the color ‘ecru’ or ‘aran’ like a ‘fishermans sweater’. We suggest you give the other colors a try and have fun. 

Today, many are choosing black or charcoal for the most formal occasions and the other colors for day wear.

Wool-Rich Hose

The Wool-Rich Hose are a very well made pair of hose that will not break the bank. They are made from a blend of 70% Wool and 30% Nylon for strength. We have 7 colors to choose from.

Small – US 5-8
Medium – US 9-11
Large – US 12-14



$24.00$29.00 $24.00

Lovat BlueLovat Blue
Lovat GreenLovat Green

Pipers Hose

  • Blue

Pipers hose have a ‘popcorn’ or basket weave to the fold-over at the top. Our Pipers hose are extra long to fold over three or four times to give a good ‘roll’ at the top. Made from a blend of 70% wool, and 30% Nylon for strength. We have 6 colors of Pipers hose.

Small – US 5-8
Medium – US 9-11
Large – US 12-13




Light GrayLight Gray

Lewis Hose

Our Lewis Hose come in the widest range of colors of any kilt hose. They are known the world over for their cable knit cuff. Made from a 3 ply blend of Merino wool, Acrylic and Nylon. We carry the Lewis Hose in 10 colors.

Small – US 6-8
Medium – US 8-10
Large – US 10-12
X Large – US 13-14




Ancient GreenAncient Green
Ancient BlueAncient Blue
St Andrews BlueSt Andrews Blue
Tartan RedTartan Red
Mid GrayMid Gray

Traditional Garter Ties

Our Traditional Garter Ties are wrapped around the leg and tied with a simple overhand knot. Tied just snug enough to keep your hose up but not tight enough to cause trouble this style of Garters go very well from formal events to historically inspired outfits.  Made from the same yarns and in the same colors as our Lewis Hose, you can mix and match colors to your hearts content.

We currently carry 5 colors of Traditional Garter Ties.




Garters and Flashes

Elastic Garters with tabs of colored ribbon simulate the ends of Traditional Garter Ties. Our Garters and Flashes come with adjustable elastic for a firm yet comfortable fit. We offer 4 colors of Garters and Flashes.




Elastic Garters

Made right here in our shop these are very comfortable Garters for everyday wear. They are adjustable with Velcro. When worn they do not show and are a perfect choice for a casual look.
Small 10″
Medium 13″
Large 16″.