Kilt Lnks

Here are some of our friends, and some sites, that we trust to offer consistantly high quality service.

Fraser & Kirkbright Weaving Co.

Gordon Kirkbright is one of the nicest people in the world. He can custom weave almost any Tartan in the world at a very reasonable price. I buy many of my my fabrics from him.

Website: Fraser & Kirkbright Weaving Co.

Kilts and Tartans Made Easy

Dr. N.J. Fiddes has written the best primer to The Kilt available today. He offers it free to download from his Scotweb website. Read this increadable book from cover-to-cover not once, but often.

Website: Kilts and Tartans Made Easy

Seriously Creative

If you like our website, these are the guys who made it possible.

Website: Seriously Creative

The Art of Kiltmaking

Barb Tewksbury's book "The Art of Kiltmaking" is the Bible of Traditional, Hand-Sewn Kilts. It is a must for anyone thinking about making a Kilt or who would like to know what goes into the making of a Kilt. You can order direct from Barb with this link or visit the shop where I always have copies available.

Website: The Art of Kiltmaking

The Scottish Tartans Authority

The authoritative source for research on Tartans. This is the most up to date and complete listing in the world.

Website: The Scottish Tartans Authority

The Scottish Tartans Museum

Located in Franklin NC, this small museum and gift shop should not be missed. The curator is M.A.C. Newsome, recognized authority on Tartans and Kilts.

Website: The Scottish Tartans Museum

USA Kilts

I don't usually advertise other kiltmakers on my site but Rocky and Kelly are the exception. Their product and service are exceptional.

Website: USA Kilts

Victoria Bagpiper

Nathan is available for weddings, parties, corporate events or wherever a a few tunes are required

Website: Victoria Bagpiper

X Marks the

We have been a member and a sponsor of X Marks almost since its beginnings. It is the largest and most active on-line forum for kiltaholics. Join us for kilt reviews, polite discussion, and advice. If you would like to read some brutally honest reviews from some of our customers you can find them in the Freedom Kilts Section.

Website: X Marks the