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The Tartan Model
The Worlds only Tartan with Pockets

A front view of a Tartan Dress Model in the X Marks the Scot Tartan.You can see the full width and tapered aprons, and the belt loops large enough for a kilt belt.

The rear of the Tartan Dress Model showing the pleats and straps. This kilt is pleated to the gray stripe.


A traditional style tartan kilt has no pockets. To a contemporary style Kiltmaker, it is the pockets that make the kilt. Even tartan wearers still need a place for their car keys and change, which often get lost in the bottom of the sporran.

The Tartan Dress model can be made from almost any known tartan. We cannot attempt to stock every tartan so we will order your tartan when you order your kilt.Scottish Tartans Authority

The Tartan Dress model is made exactly like our normal Dress model. The pleats are 1" wide but the depth of the pleats will depend on the Sett or size of the tartan pattern. The larger the Sett, the deeper the pleat. you can specify two or three straps on your kilt.

If you want to wear your family tartan or just want to show pride in your heritage, but simply can't do without pockets the Tartan model is suitable for any occasion where a full tartan kilt would be appropriate.

The amount of fabric in your kilt will be dependent on the Sett of your tartan and the size of your Hips. For example the kilt on this page uses 8.38 yards of fabric.

If you have any questions or you just want to discuss our products remember, we are just an E-mail or phone call away.


The Price of a Basic Tartan Model Kilt is
  CAD $350.00 plus the cost of your Fabric

Tartan Model
with Black Strap With Silver Buckle


Tartan Model
with Brown Strap With Brass Buckle