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The Cargo Model
For A Rugged Look

Cargo  Kilt
Rear of the Cargo Model showing the 1 1/2 inch pleats, belt loops, a Brown Logo and one optional Rear Welt Pocket.
Cargo Model Kilt
Front of Cargo Model in 6 Color Desert Camouflage showing the apron, buttons, and optional Side Slash Pockets


As a "first kilt", when you want a "work kilt", or for when you want to hike the bush, the Cargo model is the kilt of choice.

The pleats are 1.5" wide and 3.75" deep. The waistband is 2" wide and you can select 2" or 3" belt loops. You may choose from any of our pocket options. The center bellows of the Cargo pockets was designed to match perfectly with the pleat width of the Cargo kilt.

The aprons of the Cargo model are closed with our trademark 8 button closure. Without being "in your face" the buttons dress up the aprons when the kilt is worn without a sporran.

Your Cargo kilt can be made from any of our fabrics but was designed with the Work Weight and Camouflage fabrics in mind.

You may pick the waist height and hem length of your Cargo kilt but it was specifically designed for those who wish to wear their kilt low on the hips, and have the hem at mid knee. This look goes very well with boots and sweaters.

The amount of fabric in your kilt will vary according to your size. For example, a kilt with a 42" hip will have a 13.5" apron, 19 pleats and will take 6.67 yards of fabric.

If you have any questions or you just want to discuss our products remember, we are just an E-mail or phone call away.

The Price for a Basic Cargo Model Kilt is $205.00 CAD
which includes your choice of buttons



The Freedom Kilts riveted button front closure is our most recognizable trademark. Using six buttons on the apron and two on the waistband, they give a look that is classic with or without a sporran. Similar to 'jeans' buttons they are almost indestructible. There are four button face styles to choose from.


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Maltese Cross

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Celtic Cross