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This has been a very busy summer.
I'm sorry but our current wait time from order to delivery is approx.
20-21 weeks.
Updated - 3 Sep. 14

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Making Plans For 2011

2010 has been a great year for our small company.
In January we were proud to have the Victoria, City of Gardens Tartan adopted by City Council as the Official Tartan of the City of Victoria.
We are currently renovating our shop to increase the showroom and retail space by 30%. This expansion became necessary as we think we are the last brick and mortar Kilt Shop on Vancouver Island.
We have brought on another Kiltmaker.  Mikko is finishing his training and is proving to be an invaluable asset.
And we have seen terrific response to our own design for a Contemporary Kilt Jacket.
The next step is to completely re-design our website. We have most of the photos for our accessories section taken and the text is written.  We are just awaiting the delivery of a new "How to measure for your Freedom Kilt" video which was filmed and edited by a professional film maker for us.

As we get ready for 2011 we hope that we will be able to offer better service and a more complete range of services and products to our customers.



Kilt News Archive