Off The Rack Kilts

Our off-the-rack kilts are made with the same care and attention to detail as our custom kilts. We offer these as a quick, ready made alternative for those times when you just need a kilt now.

The difference is that our off-the-rack kilts are made with a standard 24" Drop. There is no Slope. The Waist sizing is in 2" increments with a standard or average Waist to Hip ratio.(please use a tape measure 24" above where you wish the hem of your kilt.)

They will not fit everyone, or fit as perfectly as a custom made kilt.

These are not the low yardage or casual kilts offered elsewhere. We do not skimp on the yardage of fabric used or leave out the internal stabilizers and interfacings that are the hallmarks of a Contemporary Kilt.

They are also not the cheap, Acrylic kilts you may see on the web. The six Tartans we offer are woven in the UK from the world's only producer of a kilt quality 12 oz. 65% Polyester/35% Rayon blend that is fully machine washable.

Each of our Off-The-Rack kilts are made in our shop by the same kiltmakers that craft our custom made kilts.

$285.00 for an Off-The-Rack Kilt with no pockets

$305.00 for an Off-The-Rack Kilt with 2 Side Slash and 1 Under-Apron pocket.

Isle of Skye
Maple Leaf
X Marks