Kilt Rentals

Kilts and full highland outfit rentals for your upcoming Wedding or Prom. Please plan accordingly. The June/July Wedding/Prom season is very busy. We would ask you to visit the shop to be fitted and reserve your outfit at least 6-8 weeks prior to your event.

Please choose your jacket based on the level of formality of your event. The Prince Charlie Coatee (on the left) is the kilt equivalent of the Tuxedo. It is worn when a tuxedo is appropriate.

The Argyle Jacket (on the right) is appropriate for events up to and including Black Tie when worn with a tux shirt and bow tie. When worn with a dress shirt and long tie, or without the vest is suitable for any event where jacket and tie would be.


You may rent just an individual kilt or jacket, or a full outfit.

 A full outfit is defined as:


Jacket & Vest

Sporran & Chain

Kilt Pin

Sgian Dubh

Garters & Flashes

Entire outfit $150.00

Kilt alone $75.00


Available for Purchase

Kilt Hose – $24 – $48.50
Tuxedo Shirt – $65
Bow Time – $28
Kilt Belt – $60 – $108

Shoes are the responsibility of the customer.


Our Rental Tartans

Victoria, City of Gardens

Black Watch

Isle of Skye

Stewart Black

Stewart Black

Rental Period

The quoted rental prices are for a five day block period. (For example, pick-up on a Thursday and return on the following Tuesday. Additional time will be in 5 day blocks.


We require a damage/loss deposit when you reserve your outfit. Deposits are 50% of the total rental cost.